Getting Started with ServiceMatrix step one: Send Recive

I gave a presentation at the July meeting, the presentation is up on Slide Share here and the code is on GitHub here.

I was under time pressure as Damian Hickey was doing his great presentation on NAncy after me, therefor i had to cut the demo short, so here is a quick getting started with ServiceMatrix and ServiceInsight. Now, I’m going to do it in iterations and this is the first one 🙂

Getting Started with ServiceMatrix

If you don’t have ServiceMatrix installed, you can download ServiceMatrix form here.

The simple scenario we are going to build is:

  • A customer goes to our web site and creates a new account
  • When the back end receives the ‘CreatAccount’ command it sets the account to pending state, sends an email to the user with a link to validate his email address.
  • Once the user click on the link in the email, a ValidateAccountEmailAddress’ command is sent from the web site and we can mark the account as verified.
  • at this stage an event is published to that the account is Verified

Ok, let’s do it.

Create a new project and select NServiceBus system as the project type.

solution builder

You should see folders in Solution Builder called Infrastructure, Libraries, Endpoints, and Services:

  • Infrastructure is where cross-cutting concerns like authentication and auditing are handled.
  • Libraries are units of code that can be reused, including logging and data access.
  • Endpoints are where components are ultimately deployed. They are the executable process. They can be web applications (both Web Forms and MVC) or NServiceBus Hosts (a special kind of Windows Service that allows you to debug it as a Console Application).