Happy New Year!

2014 seam to have flown by… Lots of exiting things happened, some public some private.

I can say I’ve learnt a lot and had the opportunity to speak at NSBCon NYC and the WebSummit Dublin, attended great conferences like Craft in Budapest, NSBCon London and NYC, Build Stuff in Vilnius, I met a lot of interesting people and learn a lot of interesting things i don’t get to do on my day to day work.

On the work front was also very interesting and i’m looking forward to this new year.

Happy New Year!


Chocolatey: The ‘minClientVersion’ attribute is not declared

While testing the Particular Platform Installer I got a message ‘This installer has detected you are running an old version of Chocolatey ….

platform installer

So i launched powershell and typed ‘cup’ and got an error: ‘The ‘minClientVersion’ attribute is not declared’, not a very informative error…

However, a quick google search lead me to this post: and following the instructions in ‘Update your chocolatey nuget client’ did the job. Kudos to David Alpert

So now all i had to do is to click the Re-Check button and continue with the installation.



Hello world!

Time to start blogging…

This is my first blog post ever, bear with me please 🙂

Why blog?

I want to share some thoughts about things I’m passionate about, Enterprise Development, Service Oriented Architecture, NServiceBus, Distributed Computing and more.

Stay tuned!