Chocolatey: The ‘minClientVersion’ attribute is not declared

While testing the Particular Platform Installer I got a message ‘This installer has detected you are running an old version of Chocolatey ….

platform installer

So i launched powershell and typed ‘cup’ and got an error: ‘The ‘minClientVersion’ attribute is not declared’, not a very informative error…

However, a quick google search lead me to this post: and following the instructions in ‘Update your chocolatey nuget client’ did the job. Kudos to David Alpert

So now all i had to do is to click the Re-Check button and continue with the installation.



The software craftsmanship conference

I had the opportunity to attend the the first Craft Conference in Budapest at the end of April 2014. It was a great conference, well organised, an impressive list of speakers and a interesting list of talks to select from.

Video streaming by Ustream

If you weren’t able to attend, videos of the talks are available online at the Craft Conference website.

Some interesting talks:

Stefan Tilkov – Architecture War Stories: I loved this one 🙂

Video streaming by Ustream

All and all it was a great conference.… More